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We also offer the option for container delivery for an additional charge. Sale boxes will have a one time delivery charge and rentals will have a delivery and pick up fee that is charged with the first months rent. Our trucks run under the USDOT, we use day cabs and tilt bed trailers for 40', 45' and 53' containers and have rollbacks for our 20' container deliveries. Our service areas include NC, SC, GA, and SW VA.

In many cases we can relocate containers after they have been delivered for an additional fee. We can only move containers that are empty and we cannot move containers that have had structural modifications. We only move standard ISO containers.

Our drivers will do their best to place the container where you would like it. The drivers can place the unit on to blocks or railroad ties, these must be provided by the customer and already in position. We only offer delivery services and do not level the ground etc.

When delivering the container, the unit will slide off of the back of the trailer and then the driver will pull out from underneath to place the box on the ground. For 20' deliveries there should be 80' of linear space where you want the container placed. For 40' and 45' deliveries there should be at least 115' of linear space where you want the container placed. For 53' deliveries there should be at least 130' of linear space. When traveling across your property to the delivery site there must be a height clearance of 13' 6" at all times (power lines, tree limbs etc). At the drop location, there will need to be 22' of height clearance for the tilt bed trailer to raise up in order to drop the box. The width should be 14' of clearance. Please also be aware of septic locations on site.

We can deliver on all surfaces but they must be level. Containers going on asphalt, concrete, and gravel can be delivered rain or shine. For containers that are being delivered on grass, clay, dirt the ground must be completely dry. We understand the weather is not predictable and in a time crunch this can be frustrating. However, our trucks are not 4WD and most are single axle. Single axles are better for maneuverabilty on sites but the tires spin much easier. Once the tires start spinning the truck is "stuck". The weight of the truck and trailer with a container is also around 40,000 lbs for a 40' container. This weight is much heavier than a pick up or other vehicle. This means the ground can sink under the weight easily if the ground is not dry enough. 


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